Why Welkin Tours

We, Harsha and Anu, being expatriates living in New Zealand for over a decade and regular visitors to our motherland, are able to gauge the aspirations of persons overseas and are also aware of the most recent developments in the tourist industry of Sri Lanka. After careful research, we have established Welkin Tours in collaboration with 4 major travel operators to give our valued travelers the best deal in Sri Lankan tourism .

Sri Lanka's infrastructure has improved immensely after over 30 years of terrorist turmoil.With the beautiful beaches,wild life sanctuaries and sights of ancient heritage you are bound to have plenty of adventure, entertainment and relaxation.

There has been an unbelievable change in the North & East. Even the city of Colombo is changing into one of the most beautiful cities with varying forms of entertainment sought by expatriates and foreigners.

Transport services are quick and efficient with a number of highways. The Katunayake Airport / Colombo Highway will bring you to the city of Colombo in double quick time. The Southern Highway will take you to the most exciting tourist spots in the island. The  East with beautiful beaches and the North Central Province with its sights of cultural heritage are also easily approachable.

We Welkin Tours are looking forward to finding the best holiday package in Sri Lanka for New Zealanders with the affordable prices to the most attractive spots and will offer you a remarkable & quality travel experience to the beautiful Island Sri Lanka. 

We will be able to offer custom made packages as per your requirements or there are pre - designed packages that cover most popular destinations.

Welkin tours proudly announce  due to high demand we extended our service to Inbound tours as well. We are promoting few packages during Cricket World Cup 2015. Keep visiting our site for more information and updates.

 If you think of New Zealand as your next tourist destination please contact Welkin Island Tours. Being in new Zealand for 14 years we will give you the best deal that New Zealand has to offer.


Hirundee, Anu & Harsha